ERP built with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and “In-memory computing.

Focus 9 runs on the state-of-the-art Pronghorn server and is equipped with the in-memory computing technology. It comprises of 12 comprehensive, scalable modules that could be customized to suit unique business requirements.


The web-based GST compliant and secure ERP solution is enabled with advanced features that help businesses attain process improvement. It automates all crucial processes functioning in an establishment including financial accounting, sales and marketing, human resource, and many more.

Focus 9 ERP system is integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) and human capital management (HCM) modules to create a smooth information flow and control over all critical business operations. This enables organizations to replace multiple complex and isolated systems with a single platform application to connect every aspect of a business.

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Focus 9 includes high-performing technology that is fully secure. The ERP software has a much-simplified landscape design for ease of access and is simple enough to be handled even by a non-technical person. It has built-in Single Sign-On (SSO) feature which offers:

  • High-end data security
  • Convenient single login for all business applications
  • Refined compliant identity management

Focus 9 ERP is built with the most innovative hybrid in-memory computing engine and other progressive features that can amplify the speed, accuracy, and accessibility of stored data. This ERP application:

  • Integrates high-performance data from disparate resources
  • Generates precise analysis reports that can be used to reinforce informed decision making
  • Enhances data storage framework pattern, which supports high-speed transactional and analytical processing
  • Speed up the response for search queries and displays output within seconds

Unlike traditional, ‘one-size-fits-all’ ERP solutions, Focus 9 has ready-made templates for multiple industries. Each template houses a specific set of modules that are specially added to suit the unique industry requirements and address its challenges.

  • Cloud ERP system can be implemented without customization
  • Deployment process is significantly swift
  • Supports extensive customization to fit every precise requisite
  • ERP users can gain total control over their dashboard features
  • UI modification capabilities improve usability and allow handling complex projects with ease

As one of the best web-based ERP software, the greatest advantages Focus 9 brings to an organization include:

  • Lower hardware cost as the system does not require investment on powerful servers.
  • ERP implementation is much faster
  • Curtail disruption in the business operations during the deployment
  • Scalable to support extended facilities
  • Fully mobile – accessible on any device, at any time and from anywhere
  • Flexible to suit the needs of organizations functioning in multiple locations

Main Features


Thousands of integrations available and ready to configure on RESTFUL API’S


Advanced Finance Management

Sales Management

Procurement Management

Accounts Receivables & Payables

Inventory Management

Quality Control

Project Accounting

Fixed Assets Management

Warehouse Management

Compras y Contratación

Manufacturing & Resource Planning

Gestión y operación de tiendas

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